Rally into Splatoon 2’s new Splatfest with another returning weapon

Fight for your monster of choice this weekend

It’s Friday, so here’s your obligatory post about a weapon coming back to arena-shooter Splatoon 2, just in time to get you locked ‘n’ loaded for America’s new Splatfest debate.

This week, range is the name of the game as the Custom E-Liter 4K and the E-Liter 4K Scope, both of which sound like vaping devices, join the ever-growing arsenal of squid kids the world over. As can probably be guessed, the E-Liter is a more precise, long-range weapon than most of Splatoon’s messy tools, which allows for powerful, one-shot splats, also leaving behind a thin pathway of ink. The E-liter 4K and its scoped variant come equipped with a Squid Beakon sub and Bubble Blower special.

This weekend also sees a new Splatfest for the U.S. Players will shoot it out in the debate of Vampires vs Werewolves. My favourite cutie-pie, Pearl, is gunning for the bloodsuckers, whilst Marina is rooting for the furry fiends. The result here will likely be a little closer than Europe’s recent “Toilet Roll” debacle.

The new Splatfest begins tonight at 9pm PT/12am ET. Good luck!

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