Rainy Woods (PS3/Xbox 360) is the rainiest and woodiest survival horror game yet

Famitsu has posted some information and screenshots of the upcoming PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 survival horror title, Rainy Woods. Developed by Access Games (Spy Fiction), Rainy Woods puts players in the role of a young FBI criminal investigator who is investigating a mysterious homicide in a quiet, American town.

The game features a morning/noon/night system that will not only change the town visually, but will also alter how the town’s inhabitants interact with your character. The evening will also bring about mysterious apparitions that’ll make you scream “Oh my God, what the f**k is that?”, and if you’re lucky, lots of rain. And as a growing FBI investigator, you’re going to need to sleep, and pay close attention to your hunger level, as well — you wouldn’t want to starve or pass out in the middle of a murder investigation, right?

Screenshots can be found over at Famitu’s Web Site, and we should have some more wet and woody information on Rainy Woods coming out of Tokyo Game Show.

Nick Chester