Rainbow Six Siege Year Two pass is now available

Here’s to another year

After some rumors and a confirmation, it looks like Ubisoft is ready to kick off Year Two for Rainbow Six Siege. The game must be doing well for the big U if it isn’t drastically trying to figure out a sequel. I love that we’re getting more content to a game that fans enjoy; this is what I’ve wanted from an all-digital future for gaming.

As for what is actually coming, players can look forward to eight new operators (across four different seasons), eight new headgear and uniform customization options, a carbon charm (whatever the hell that is), and some credits to purchase in-game stuff (how thoughtful).

You can also opt to get the VIP membership, which allows early access to all content, a 10% discount on any in-game purchases, a five percent boost to renown (basically XP), and a couple of extra daily challenges. You could also just play the game and unlock all of this stuff for free, but that is the joy of Siege; options are available.

The various versions of this season pass have some strange release dates. You can currently opt to get the standard pass on any system, but the Gold Edition (which includes the game along with this pass for $79.99) won’t be available until tomorrow on PS4 and December 6 for PC and Xbox One. The complete bundle (which includes the Gold Edition and Year One operators for $99.99) is currently only on PC, with Xbox One getting a release on December 6 and PS4 not even having a date announced. What the hell?

Either way, it looks like 2017 is going to be a feature-packed year for Rainbow Six Siege. I might actually opt to buy it in the Steam winter sale now that all of this stuff is being added. I’m not too big on dropping $60 for a game with only seven maps.

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