Rainbow Six Siege teases Operation Crimson Heist with sinister poster

Better double-check those barricades

It looks like tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege is gearing up for its new season of bullet-pumpin’ mayhem. Ubisoft released a teaser image for Operation Crimson Heist, which is expected to bring a brand new operator, a map rework, and several other new additions to the challenging multiplayer tile.

“Getting the job done can sometimes require a more creative approach”, reads the teaser, complete with creepy image of what appears to be a fella in a flat cap, a big-collared coat, and a peering pair of red spectacles. On first glance, I get a sort of “French Resistance Spy” feel from this silhouette, not dissimilar to the hero of Pandemic Studios’ 2009 title The Saboteur. Has a time-traveling hipster joined Team Rainbow? We’ll find out soon enough.

As Rainbow Six Siege pushes into 2021, the team has begun its battle plan of only releasing one operator per season, while dedicating more time on the technical elements of Siege – from tweaking its mechanics, stomping out bugs, and on-boarding the next-gen platforms, to the addition of new gadgets, weapons, and game modes and features. Still supported by millions of players, and with a spin-off title in the works – Siege‘s future looks brighter than a flashbang.

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