Rainbow Six Siege reveals Phantom Sight operators N0kk and Warden

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Now you see her…

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Ubisoft’s tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege continues to release new and exciting content to keep the twitchy shooter fresh and engaging well into its fourth year. A recent video reveals details of the two new door-kickers joining Siege’s ever-expanding roster as part of its next update, Operation: Phantom Sight.

Your new Attacker is N0kk, a frightening addition who essentially operates as an Attacker equivalent of Defender Vigil. Using her HEL technology, N0kk can render herself invisible to defender cameras and drones, while also decreasing her sound, ala Caviera’s Silent Step ability. N0kk is being neatly presented as a creepy “ghost” character, capable of popping up out of nowhere to double tap your team when they least expect it.

On the side of the Defenders is the sharply-dressed Warden, who apparently wears a full three-piece suit into battle and is also impeccably groomed. Fortunately, that isn’t his special ability. Warden wears high-technology glasses that not only allow him to recover faster from visual-damaging devices such as flashbangs, but also allows him to register the enemy through smoke, ala Glaz’s sniper scope. That sounds like a pretty powerful character.

Speaking of Glaz, as part of the new wave of balance tweaks Siege experience, the popular sniper has been nerfed a little, with his see-all scope now taking longer to find the outlines of the enemy in dark or smoky environments. In terms of maps, the mammoth hipster hangout that is Kafe Dostoevsky has been reworked. This is in keeping with the developers desire to rebuild classic maps to offer better attacking/defending options and thus more exciting gameplay.

There is no official date for when Operation: Phantom Sight will go live in-game but, given this full reveal, N0kk and Warden will no doubt be climbing walls, smashing windows and booting teammates before long.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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