Rainbow Six Siege gets Year Six underway with Operation Crimson Heist, and it’s never been more intense

Godspeed, little Ratero drone

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege has lit the fuse on its sixth year of content, with its newest season, Operation Crimson Heist, now live on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The event sees the arrival of a brand new operator, as well as the addition of several new weapons and features in the immensely popular tactical multiplayer shooter.

Operation Crimson Heist welcomes Argentinian inventor Santiago “Flores” Lucero to the fold as a new attacker, bringing with him charm, wit, and a collection of highly explosive remote control drones – the “Ratero.” Flores will be using all of his cunning and guile, earned during his dubious former life cat-burglar, to help his squad-mates with infiltration, recon, and the disturbance of even the most fortified locations. You can read more about this debonair and highly intelligent fellow in our previous report.

Alongside the coming of Flores, Operation Crimson Heist also sees a full rework of the Middle-Eastern map, “Border.” Both the first and second floors of the locale – one of the larger maps in Siege – have been reworked, with more exterior access points for Attackers. Within its walls, Border has had some of its furniture removed to improve line-of-sight while exterior noise from helicopters and megaphones will reduce in volume once the Action Phase begins.

Speaking of access, the new season offers a new secondary weapon to a selection of Operators. The GONNE-6 breaching tool offers a single-shot explosive round, capable of destroying obstacles and light barricades with ease, but at the cost of an Operator’s side-arm, which is a risky trade-off. The GONNE-6 isn’t close to being as powerful and Ash’s M120 CREM or Zofia’s KS79 LIFELINE, but does offer a single, safe-distance breach in a number of situations.

Finally, Rainbow Six Siege‘s in-depth Replay feature is now live in-game, allowing players the opportunity to watch back their previous match from a multitude of camera angles. This anticipated feature is perfect for reliving your victories and analyzing your losses, helping lower-ranking teams perfect their strategies while offering content creators a new way to bag footage for clips, trailers, and highlight reels.

For more information on Operation Crimson Heist, the upcoming Resident Evil crossover, the team’s work with Ikumi Nakamura, and Year Six of Rainbow Six Siege as a whole, be sure to check out our previous reports. Stay frosty, folks.

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