Ragnaros enters Heroes of the Storm in today’s big PTR update

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With character and map reworks in tow

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Ragnaros is the latest Heroes of the Storm addition, and based on Chris’ time with the World of Warcraft character at BlizzCon, he sounds fun as hell with his ability to fire off waves of lava and even take over forts and keeps. The Firelord is playable today through December 12 on the Public Test Realm.

That’s just the icing, though! Blizzard has rolled out a huge patch on the PTR, with the holiday Winter Veil celebration coming (25% bonus experience, quests, and rewards), sweeping changes to ranked play (Hero League is solo queuing only now), the long-awaited return of the Haunted Mines map, buffs for characters like Artanis and Dehaka, and a rework of Diablo as more of an all-out tank.

You can pore over the detailed patch notes right here. There’s a lot to get through.

After the recent Overwatch tie-in event for that sweet Genji skin, I’ve been bitten by the Heroes bug again. I’ll more than likely wait for these changes to make it off the PTR before getting back to it, but I am absolutely thrilled to see the Haunted Mines return with a new-and-improved design.

Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes — December 5 [Heroes of the Storm]

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