Rage 3? But Rage 2 just released!

Someone’s mad, and it’s not just Max

The most recent gossip surrounding Rage has me doing my best Jim Mora “Playoffs?! Don’t talk about playoffs!” impression. Although Rage 2 launched a mere three days ago, id Software already wants to get to work on Rage 3.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, id Software’s Tim Willits expressed his eagerness to make another Rage sequel. When asked whether he foresees Rage having a future beyond this game, Willits said “I hope so. Yes, is the answer to that question. We’ve always loved this franchise because it’s such a fun setting. We can do what we want. We were once talking about riding on giant cockroaches. What other game can you have a conversation where that’s a legitimate conversation you can have?! It’s a crazy, fun, exciting franchise and I hope we can make a third one as soon as possible.”

In Willits’ defense, this reads like an innocuous wish that’s predicated on the positive and entertaining ways the series has evolved. Realistically, Bethesda will probably greenlight a third Rage (if it hasn’t already). There’s room in that Doom, Far Cry, and Borderlands are all still wildly successful, and Rage 2 seems like an inane mashup of the three.

But, even if it’s unofficial and completely off-the-cuff, it’s too early to start thinking about Rage 3. We need time to breathe. We need time to play Rage 2. Give it a couple years, and people will go “You know, I could really go for another Rage game. The last one was fun!” Then, BAM! Hit ’em with the trilogy.

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Brett Makedonski
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