RadioShack to stock Xbox 360s and Halo 3

The dim, pitiful, uninviting cave of switches, batteries, wires and various pegboarded electronic goods known as RadioShack may soon stock Xbox 360s alongside their humdrum wares.

The Seattle Times reports that two analysts, Evan Wilson from with Pacific Crest Securities, and Arvind Bhatia from Sterne Agee & Leach, said Friday that RadioShack would stock Microsoft’s console and copies of Halo 3 in some stores.  

This news sparked a 7.3 percent stock increase for RadioShack, as investors are probably hoping for a boost to holiday sales from this deal. Rick Weinhart, an analyst with BMO Capital Markets, said that “We think this enthusiasm is a mistake.” Ouch.

No offense to RadioShack patrons or employees, but a visit to one of their stores to acquire a game console or title would probably fall into “last resort” territory.  

Feel free to ‘shop or subtitle the attached picture to communicate your feelings on this matter. 

[thanks, JV] 

Dale North