Radio Destructoid records tonight with special guest Miguel Pi?a of Kerbal Space Program!

Ask us some questions!

Radio Destructoid is our official community-focused podcast! Join Aaron “Mxy” Yost (Forums Admin), (US Community Manager), Beccy Caine (EU Community Manager), Kyle MacGregor (Contributor), and me as we talk about our favorite Dtoid community happenings!

We’re recording a super exciting episode of Radio Destructoid tonight, as Miguel Piña of Squad (the awesome team behind the awesome Kerbal Space Program) will be joining us for the duration! (Funny story: in the email planning thread for this episode, Miguel mistakenly read that we were recording in the AM and thought, “you guys sure drink a lot for a show you record before noon.”)

Want to ask us or Miguel a question? Hit us up in the comments below! Our favorite question will win a copy of Kerbal Space Program on Steam, so make ’em count!

You have until 9pm Pacific tonight to submit your questions. Have fun!

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