Radio Allergy: the last great GameCube game

Hey, speaking of shmups, it seems as though Radirgy — a beautifully cel-shaded shmup and one of the last Dreamcast games ever released — is set to hit the US GameCube as Radio Allergy in February, courtesy of O~3 Entertainment. The official site says “February”, Wal-Mart says February 15 for $19.99, and GameStop doesn’t list it at all. No listing on the ESRB website, either. Let’s just hope they keep on track.

This period is always weird, isn’t it? Next-gen gears up, everyone’s got new systems, but there are still a handful of last-gen games begging for your bottom dollar, and some of them are actually good. Though you may be tempted, it feels like some sort of crass infidelity, turning your back on new, shiny electronics for old flames — why buy a new last-gen game when another $20-$25 will get something for the new system?

It’s a shooter! A cel-shaded shooter! That’s why. Be on the lookout for what promises to be the last GameCube game worth buying (hopefully) this February.

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