Radical details mission modes in this Prototype trailer

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Earlier this afternoon Activision and Radical dropped a nice and long trailer for Prototype — an insane open-world action title that allows players to leap over city intersections, run up buildings, and of course, kill zombies with helicopter blades.

The trailer, which you can view after the jump, deals exclusively with five mission types in the game: Rescue, Stealth, Disable, Protect, and Infiltrate. The mode names are indicative of the challenge, but we’re really digging the finale of each one. In Rescue, for example, you’re tasked with chasing after a Leader Hunter (a big nasty mutant doggie). After finally catching up to it, you’re task isn’t a simple “kill the creature-dog.” The military has been chasing you as well, which leads to a massive gun/dog fight in the middle of the city’s street. Pretty hip.

Also — and, yeah, we mentioned this already — you can kill zombies with helicopter blades. It’s a dream come true. Literally. (Radical must have received my 412 e-mails about this scenario.)

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