Radiangames ‘JoyJoy’ set to hit LIVE Indie Games

No more teases: we now know what indie studio Radiangames first downloadable title is — a cute and colorful twin-stick shooter powered by XNA and set to be released via Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

According to Radiangames’ creator, ex-Volition vet Luke Schneider, Radiangames JoyJoy is the first of a “series” of games that are to be released on a monthly basis via the Indie Games service. JoyJoy in particular is said to show what Schneider’s studio will focus on, which in Schneider’s words, is “revitalizing stagnant arcade-action sub-genres with a fluid and satisfying combination of gameplay and style.” Check it out for yourself now, and play it later in spring 2010.

Brad BradNicholson