Rabid fans go through 7 faulty 360’s; still undaunted

The term “fanboy” has never been more rightfully earned. Meet Rob and Mindy Cunningham, whose loyalty to the Xbox brand is simply inconceivable. In the past year and a half, the Cunninghams have gone through SEVEN defective 360s and in the end went to Peter Moore to resolve the issue. You can find the full details here if you’d like to read the saga in detail. I assure you, it’s the best thing I’ve read since Return of the King.

Personally, I tend to wait out all console launches. Firstly, because I’m a mildly boring person and prefer to buy a console for its games instead of its statistics. Second, because I like to watch and wait until all the glitches are ironed out. Now, I’m not saying I’m smarter than the Cunninghams (although I am), but I plead my point: why not see what the post launch brings? In the beginning, they freeze, they impale people’s brains and God only knows what else. After a year to work out it’s own kinks, 360 has become the best deal on the market. All I’m saying is, give a console a chance to hit its stride. If not, you could spend a lot of time in line at Best Buy.

Colette Bennett