Rabbids Go Home continues to look hilarious

I really love the Rabbids. I’m not terribly interested in many of the mini-game focused titles that have been released in their name, but I want them to be successful if for no other reason than so more videos and ads featuring the lovable scamps will be created.

The pair of videos Ubisoft sent over today don’t have all that much of the Rabbids to see, though they do appear. These videos promoting Rabbids Go Home are focused on humans, the poor bastards being terrorized by Rabbids desperate to build their tower of junk to the moon.

The first video after the jump show some gameplay, with the two protagonist Rabbids wheeling their cart around and wreaking havoc. The second is a much more intimate piece that follows a single, nervous human unable to deal with the chaos which exists even in a tiny dressing room. The latter is more hilarious than the former, but they’re both worth taking a look at.

While you’re at it, you should check out the screenshots and concept art for Rabbids Go Home in the gallery below.

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