Rabbids can walk on the Moon and Moon walk too

Earlier this month, I got to check out Rabbids Go Home for the Wii. I always thought the Rabbids were funny, but it wasn’t until I played the new game that I now adore the crazy creatures.

In Rabbids Go Home, the Rabbids are making a giant mountain made up of crap. The Rabbids are going all over the world to get their hands on anything they can fit into their shopping cart from chairs, tables, hospital equipment, cows to even the clothes off people’s backs. And there’s no stopping the Rabbids until their goal is reached, which is making a giant pile of crap that will let them reach the Moon.

No idea if the Rabbids will actually get to the Moon at the end of the new game, but we do have a video that at least shows us what a Rabbid on the Moon would look like. There’s also a nice tribute to Michael Jackson featuring a Rabbid and you can check out both of those videos after the break.

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