Quick look at Dragon Nest for the PC

Nexon’s next entry to the world of MMORPGs is Dragon Nest, a game that will appeal to casual and hardcore gamers alike. According to Nexon, the thing that makes Dragon Nest unique is that the action RPG features a third-person, over-the-shoulder perspective so it’ll bring players really close to the action.

The up to four-player game will feature four character classes: warrior, archer, cleric and sorceress. I ran through the dungeon “Catacombs” as the sorceress and made use of nearly a dozen magic spells to back up my party. The sorceress has a standard and secondary attack associated with the mouse buttons and spells are tied to various keys on the keyboard as one would expect in a game like this. You’ll be able to use an Xbox 360 controller to play the game but I don’t think a controller would work that efficiently for a player.

The dungeon we saw was pretty straightforward as you need to fight the various monsters until you reached the boss. The attacks and spells, even with the cute-like visuals, were somewhat cool looking at least. You can collect loot, acquire and equip items to make your character stronger and there’s even Player versus Player combat.

Dragon Nest will be out this Summer and you can check out more on the official website. System specs below.

Minimum specs:

Windows 2000
Pentium III 1.6GHz
512 MB
Over 3 GB free space
NVIDIA 5700 / Radeon 9550
9.0C or higher

Recommended specs:

Windows XP or higher
Dual Core 2.0 or higher
1 GB or more
Over 4 GB free space
NVIDIA 7600 or higher
9.0C or higher


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