Questions here! Leave your Podtoid questions here!

Chuck, it’s Marvin. Your cousin, Marvin Berry. You know those Podtoid questions you were looking for?

In 60 short minutes we’ll be recording another episode of everyone’s beloved family programming, Podtoid. We endeavor to make every subsequent episode of Podtoid greater than the last, the same reason why the cell phone you bought one year ago? A complete piece of garbage trash shit today. Fuck off with that garbage phone.

And so in order to best Podtoid 324: Celebrity Surprise, a rollicking, side-splitting affair, you know what we could use this week? Questions. Questions from yous all, for us four. That’s Kyle MacGregor, Brett Makedonski, and Darren Nakamura, by the way. And me, ya boy Steven Hansen. 

Leave those inquisitive mamma jammas below, daddy-o.

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