Quest for Glory programmer talks Adventure Quest

Last month I talked to Chris Chapell, co-producer of Adventure Quest, about his 1980’s PC adventure game themed live-action play. Since we spoke, tickets for the June 6 debut of the play sold out, leading me to believe people are buying what Chapell and Adventure Quest are selling on paper.

I recently got in touch with Corey Cole, a programmer for the lauded adventure gaming franchise Quest for Glory, and asked for his thoughts on Adventure Quest — a play partially based on what he and his wife Lori Ann Cole created in the 1980s.

“It sounds like a very fun project,” Cole said via e-mail. “The creator is obviously very fond of classic adventure games.  His play is really a spoof of those games, exaggerating and making fun of some of the things that were a little crazy about them.  We actually did a bit of that in the original Quest for Glory because other games were fair targets for satire.”

Cole hasn’t made it to New York to see the play yet. He told me he and his wife rarely visit the East coast and declined the creator’s offer to see it.

Still, it must be nice to know that his older creation is still sparking creativity, right? “Eh, twenty years is not so long,” Cole said. “We still get fan letters from Quest for Glory fans occasionally.  The series is still alive for many of our players.  And we are still, in a sense, continuing them with our new web site, [The School for Heroes].”

Alright, Sierra slash Activision slash Blizzard slash Clown Car. Time to make another Quest for Glory. Merely writing about a play based on the game is enough to tickle that sweet spot in my brain that screams “DO WANT.” 

Brad BradNicholson