Quarantine Circular is now available on Steam

Can androids even get sick?

The second of Mike Bithell’s shorts, Quarantine Circular, is now available on Steam. Like it’s predecessor, Subsurface Circular (which I found great), the game is a text-based adventure set in a single location with a short run time. This time around, you’ll control an android speaking to an alien species on a boat and probably solving some crazy mystery with shades of Blade Runner in it. The game is currently 20% off for its first week but normally retails for $5.99.

The game’s creator, Mike Bithell, took to Twitter to explain how the success of Subsurface Circular inspired this latest game. “Back in August,” Mike starts, “we released an experimental short by surprise. It was a decision heralded at launch as ‘ok, I guess’ and ‘probably not a good idea’…That game’s name was Subsurface Circular. It got the best reviews we’ve ever had, and a Steam rating that I’m still not entirely convinced isn’t the result of a weird bug.”

While I certainly wasn’t expecting a follow-up to happen so quickly, I might just have to check out Quarantine Circular. As stated on the game’s Steam page, prior knowledge of Subsurface isn’t required to understand anything in this new game. This is more a follow-up on concepts rather than the next part of an overarching story.

Mike Bithell [Twitter]

Peter Glagowski
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