Quantum Pilot should be called ‘Stop Hitting Yourself: The Game’

The past will come back to bite you

I love all of the quirky, experimental games being released on itch.io these days. Quantum Pilot looks like a simplistic shmup in the style of Galaga and other classics, but instead of shooting down waves of alien buzz-bombers, you’re up against past versions of yourself that stack on top of each other. What starts as a few stray shots soon becomes a bullet-hell nightmare as your previous runs overlap and wind around themselves.  

Knowing that your current actions will be your future opposition puts an interesting strategic spin on one of the oldest and most established genres out there. I had to undo nearly 30 years of shmup experience that trained me to lay on the firepower and never let up to set anything close to a decent score. Quantum Pilot won’t blow your socks off or keep you hooked for hours or anything, but it’s interesting to see innovation happening in even the most archaic types of games.

You can download it at a price of your choosing here

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