Quantic Dream does robots in the Detroit Become Human trailer

‘You can’t kill me, I’m not alive’

Quantic Dream is back, and it looks like they’re playing to their strengths, as the star of Detroit Become Human is a literal robot, a police android named Connor.

The E3 demonstration (with the official trailer below) highlighted a bunch of face tech, and showed Connor doing detective work and attempting to defuse, resolve, or botch a hostage situation with a rogue android. The trailer showed off a few of the many ways the situation would go. Not much other information was given, beyond its status as being “in development for PS4”.

I’ve got a soft spot for Quantic Dream that dates back to the Omikron days, and I actually liked Heavy Rain, though I never got around to trying out Beyond: Two Souls, so I’m excited to see how this turns out. If nothing else, it should be at least as weird as that show Caprica, right?

Josh Tolentino
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