QuakeCon premium package gets you cool stuff

Headed to QuakeCon next week? You might want to consider hooking yourself up with the premium registration package which id and Bethesda are calling “QuakeCon Done Quick.”

500 of these packages will be offered (available to United States residents 18 or older only) and will cost you $20. What do you get for twenty smackers? Express “Bring-Your Own Computer” (BYOC) registration, along with a guaranteed spot in the BYOC area. Not B-ing your own C? The premium package also gets you express general admission, priority seating at panels and events, a QuakeCon 2010 shirt, and a Rage lithograph signed by id developers who worked on the title.

You want in on the goodies? Head to the registration page now. QuakeCon 2010 goes down next week, from August 12 through August 15, in Dallas, Texas. It’s free to get in, if you’re not interested in throwing down the $20 for the fancy package.

Nick Chester