QuakeCon 2014’s blood donation drive saved 320 lives

Almost as much blood as in DOOM

As QuakeCon 2015 is currently underway in Dallas, Texas, it’s worth looking back to last year’s event. In particular, a blood donation drive that took place over the course of the event has brought us some good news this week.

This year’s convention goers were told by Bethesda’s Vice President Pete Hines that QuakeCon 2014 attendees donated enough blood to save 320 lives. That’s a lot of blood.

It’s always nice to hear stories about gaming doing some real good in the world, and QuakeCon 2015 is aiming to replicate that success by hosting another blood drive this year.

If you’re at QuakeCon at the moment, go to the Topaz Room either today (Friday) or tomorrow to donate blood. You’ll get a free DOOM water bottle that looks like a blood bag too, which is neat.

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Joe Parlock