Quake Wars competition winners

Okay chap and chapettes, the results from yesterday’s feeding frenzy are in and I’m ready to announce the lucky spammers who’ve got themselves a beta key for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Given that things got a little messy with the low-numbered posts, if someone got a second number, then the prize for that number has been shunted to the next new name after their first win. Still with me? Good.

With that in mind, the winners are as follows: 

0 – Sunami88

1 – Chronicus Prime

3 – Richard Blocker

7 – iNerd

33 – BlindsideDork

337 – Lukich

1337 – Agent Moo

Just drop an e-mail to [email protected] and I’ll get the relevent strings of digits over to you.  

David Houghton