Quake Live trailer shows off some Quake-like action

Here’s a little something we missed during the hectic week that was E3; a trailer for id Software’s upcoming browser-based first-person shooter, Quake Live, viewable after the jump. Promising exciting features like “non-stop action” and being accessible on “one website” certainly got me all hot and bothered, but you’ll probably be more interested in the fact that the game will be free.

It won’t really be free, though, as there will be plenty of ads plastered around the 30 plus arenas. The ads will be supplied by the folks over at IGA Worldwide, so we can expect to see in-game billboards featuring products and services from Burger King, Red Bull, and Hawaiian Airlines. I guess they could help to keep you entertained while you’re carrying a captured enemy flag back to your base or momentarily distract an opponent from finishing you off, thereby giving you the perfect opening to shoot him in the face with a rocket launcher.

If you want to get in on Quake Live’s beta test (which is going on right now) head on over to the official site and sign up. Does this look like something you might waste time on while at work?

[Thanks, Joe]

Justin Villasenor