Quadriplegic gamer makes a case for gaming as a positive

Speaking of gaming saving lives, here’s some proof to that theory: 25 year old Robert Florio, a quadraplegic since age 11, says that gaming “made him feel as though his body was miraculously restored. (He games using his mouth to control the action.) Outdo that, bible thumpers.

Seriously though, this is a person I find truly inspiring, both personally and professionally. Since falling in love with games, he has set himself the goal of becoming a game designer to create titles that disabled people can play as well as anybody else. This evening, Florio will receive his bachelor’s degree in a commencement ceremony from the Art Insitute of Pittsburgh’s online division as well as the Dean’s Merit Award.

Robert is already a part of a small group of gamers called Project Top Secret, whose aim is to design an online game where players engage in races with fantastic creatures. Veteran game programmer and consultant David Perry is helming the project, which will be published by Acclaim Entertainment after its completion.

“It was the only thing that got me excited about living again,”Florio said of gaming.

Amen to that.

[Via PittsburghLive, Thanks Jonathan!] 

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