Q: Okami and MadWorld should be embraced by the public

Everybody knows what happened to Okami. It was a critically acclaimed game by Clover Studios, but no matter how much respect and praise it won for its beautiful art style and interesting gameplay, the mainstream consumer didn’t give a crap and the game suffered an injustice of sales. What is now Platinum Games has continued to make great titles that don’t become hits, and Q’s Tetsuya Mizuguchi believes games like Okami and MadWorld need more respect.

“It’s actually a coincidence that I mention two games by Clover/Platinum, but it’s a shame that unique games like this aren’t embraced by the public more,” said the man responsible for Space Channel 5 and Rez while talking to 1UP.

MadWorld really didn’t sell that terribly, but it certainly wasn’t the big success that Sega was hoping for, and there’s no denying that Platinum Games, formerly Clover, doesn’t get enough attention from the average consumer, despite producing some pretty damn good games.

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