Q-Games reveals trippy PixelJunk Eden for PSN

During a session at yesterday’s Independent Games Summit in San Francisco, Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert has revealed the next installment of their PlayStation Network PixelJunk series. Called PixelJunk Eden, not much is known about the game outside of what you see in the above trailer.

The game appears to be a highly stylized pollination simulator of sort, which relies heavily on physics as a major component of the gameplay. Cuthbert says the game is “like an organic Mario, in a way.” And that right there clears absolutely nothing up, but that doesn’t mean I’m not intrigued.

Cuthbert also revealed sketches for the fourth PixelJunk game, a top-down dungeon crawler called PixelJunk Dungeon. I’m going to do my best to corner Cuthbert at GDC this week, and possibly get him to slip some more info on both titles.

Nick Chester