Pyre has a challenging new campaign mode

Now live on PC, coming soon to PS4

Pyre players looking for an excuse to undertake another mystical adventure are getting exactly that with an update out now on Steam and coming soon to PlayStation 4. The update, “True Nightwing,” introduces a new mode “designed to enhance playing through the Campaign successive times.”

  • Base difficulty same as Heightened.
  • All Titan Stars unlocked, and some must be used.
  • Enlightenment required to rank up re-scaled.
  • Cannot load checkpoints or restart Rites.
  • Book of Rites and White Lute fully unlocked.
  • Slugmarket inventory fully unlocked.
  • Feats of Glory introduced much sooner.
  • Note: Once chosen, this setting cannot be changed.

This mode is accessible once you’ve cleared Pyre for the first time. And if you’ve already done that, you won’t need to do anything extra — it should be waiting for you the next time you boot up the game. Supergiant’s Greg Kasavin adds that, thankfully, “[m]any of the early tutorials are skippable.”

The studio has also come out with two bonus albums — one featuring acoustic covers, the other featuring eight variations of “Never to Return” — and some sweet Pyre merch: a t-shirt and a poster.

Pyre: Free ‘True Nightwing’ Update Out Now! [Supergiant Games]

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