Pyramid Head is crashing the party in Dead by Daylight

Silent Hill is back! (In crossover form)

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It’s wild to see Konami share something new about Silent Hill in 2020, especially with rumors about a new game circulating, but for now, I’ll try to stay focused on the present. Pyramid Head and Cheryl (Heather) Mason are coming to Dead by Daylight – a popular asymmetric horror game – in June 2020.

The trailer for the Silent Hill crossover DLC debuted during today’s fourth-anniversary stream. Our boy Pyramid Head is in good company with other horror icons like Freddy Krueger, Ghostface, Michael Myers, and Ash Williams. He’ll stalk survivors as “The Executioner” – an accurate title, to be sure.

According to creative director Dave Richard, this rendition is the “classic” Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2. He’s “straight from the tormented mind of James Sutherland.” In Dead by Daylight, he can carve “trenches” in the ground that cause an affliction and he’ll “call upon the forces of Silent Hill.”

Dead by Daylight is also getting a Midwich Elementary School map and a premium skin for Cheryl Mason that turns her into Lisa Garland. The Silent Hill chapter is playable today on PC via the PTB.

The full release on PC and consoles is about “three weeks from now.”

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