Puzzle game Squishy Tank coming in March to DS

As Destructoid’s resident puzzle game whore (mind you, I’m not good at them, talk to Topher or Nick about that), I’m already chomping at the bit for Squishy Tank.

In this game you squish little tanks to push colored blocks while working against a clock, a cute twist on the match-three puzzle game. After each cleared level in story mode, you’ll unlock a Squishy Tank cutscene.

Natsume has taken the Japanese game and its cutscenes and translated them for this US release. Why do you care? Well, the cutscenes make the game. They’re stupidly funny. Nonsensical and adorable. I just watched one where Wifey Tank was cleaning house. A cat drags in Husband Tank. “Honey, I’m home,” he calls out as a cat munches on his head as blood drips out.

There’s a ton of the cutscenes to watch (in Japanese) here. Don’t watch so many that you spoil the game, which comes out in March on the DS for $19.99.

Squishy Tank Crammed Into March [Siliconera]

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