Puzzle fiends: Wind and Water may be your next addiction

It initially slipped past our radar, but indie studio Yuan Works has given us the heads up that Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles is now begging to be downloaded for PC. It’s completely free, and should be a no-brainer for fans of Tetris Attack (and the like), so don’t put up too much of a fight.

Worth mentioning: this game was previously released for GP2X and Dreamcast. Yes, that Dreamcast. Yuan Works does a terrific job describing the game’s backstory and what it’s about here on this page. Look no further, since that’s also where the download link is located.

It’s also worth highlighting the developers’ ingenious way to bring in money on a free product: for $10, they’ll make a personalized, hand-drawn sprite based on you for use in Wind and Water; for $15, your custom avatar comes animated. So freakin’ cool.

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