Put yourself up for adoption before Monster Hunter: World launches

Big brothers for big monsters

Everyone’s favorite excuse about not getting into Monster Hunter is how obtrusive and obtuse it is to glean information. Am I even doing damage? What do these numbers mean? What are these skills? It’s not the only reason but it’s certainly one of the bigger ones.

Over the years, fans have compiled a lot of data for people who needed it, from dedicated websites like Kiranico to YouTube. The release of Monster Hunter: World has prompted some enterprising hunters to take advantage of one more trendy Internet service that didn’t exist even five years ago: Discord.

What started as a neat idea of reddit has become a full-blown website and Discord server called Adopt-a-Hunter, dedicated to pairing up experienced veterans with novice hunters. It’s basically like that episode of The Simpsons, Brother From The Same Planet, which is fitting given that I believe there’s a Street Fighter reference right at the end.

The site serves to inform their intent and provide forms to seed you as either a veteran or a novice. The bulk of the service comes from their Discord server, which has some pretty nifty bots and forms that sort membership. My favorite part is the welcome bot which functions just like a guild receptionist! So whether you’re an long-time player or a prospective new hunter, you should give it a shot. I’d love to share my knowledge on dual blades, after all.

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