Put yourself on the cover of Dead Rising 2 with pre-order

Europe might be getting the shaft when it comes to their release of Dead Rising 2 not arriving until October 1st, three days after we get it in the United States, but this might soften the blow a bit. Capcom is offering a very cool pre-order bonus for those who are being made to wait so long.

If you pre-order your copy of Dead Rising 2 from Play.com, you’ll receive a special code in your e-mail during the game’s release week. Enter the code in at MyDeadRising.com, upload a photo and you’ll receive a custom cover inlay featuring yourself! That’s super-cool and, in my mind, beats out a lot of the junk marketing materials so frequently packaged in with games. Of course, it’s no “Zombrex” edition (or even the European “Outbreak” edition — that toy looks sweet) but still damn neat.

The promotion is good for copies of the title on all platforms. So, just like an actual zombie apocalypse, it doesn’t matter what your personal politics are since we’re all going to just be lusting for brains in the end.

Dead Rising 2 [Play.com via Playfront.de]

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