Beyond good and Evil Anniversary vinyl
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Put Slaughterhouse Scramble in your speakers with Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary vinyl

Ole ole!

One of the most enduring parts of Beyond Good & Evil for me is its soundtrack. Now I can relive it (as if it hasn’t lived in my head since 2003), with the Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary soundtrack on vinyl.

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Two tracks in particular are standouts for me. The first is Slaughterhouse Scramble, which includes what I am pretty sure are gibberish lyrics sung by someone who is just so damned invested in their performance. Say what you will about the crunchy, three power-chord backing, but that vocalist is just wrecking house.

Another is what I think the album calls “Salud Juanito!” but I remember it as either “Spanish Bar” or “Fun and Mini Games.” I don’t understand Spanish, so I don’t know what to say about this one aside from the fact that it’s a banger.

We had a foosball table in the house, which I used to play with a roommate. I created a playlist, and both of these songs were on it. There was a third on there that was more of a boss theme. It was called “Dancing with DomZ” on old internet playlists, but I’m not sure what it’s listed on the album.

Anyway. Back to the Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary vinyl. It’s two discs and pressed into orange and green marbled vinyl. These mighty slabs contain 39 tracks from the game. I highlighted two, but the soundtrack is solid as a whole, with some great variety. I’d probably buy it but I’d need more storage for my vinyl.

The Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary soundtrack is scheduled for release in September 2024, and is being sold by Wayo Records.

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