Put off Snake Pass all these years? It’s free on Humble right now

Hiss, but don’t boo

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Snake Pass is the perfect storm for “I’ll get to it later.” It’s a novel and cute game with a nontraditional locomotion scheme, that much is good. But, it got middling review scores as the consensus seemed to be that all the snake stuff wore thin before long, like you got the gist of it early on and the game never really built on itself. That’s the formula for passing until it’s cheaper.

Well, it doesn’t get much cheaper than free. Humble is giving away Snake Pass for the next three days. Just slither on over here and redeem it before 10am Pacific on Sunday June 14.

This is a fantastic confluence of events because Snake Pass is a game I love to recommend, but not one I recommend paying much for. Learning how to be a snake is genuinely satisfying and brilliant. Video games don’t often challenge our perception of movement anymore, and having trouble simply sidewinding along the ground is a humbling experience.

But, once you’ve gotten the hang of it, Snake Pass stretches on for far too long, turning elaborate obstacle courses into giant collectathons. Use this Humble opportunity to see what it’s like being a snake and then dip out before the tedium and frustration overwhelm you. 

Humble Freebie Snake Pass [Humble]

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