Put a turkey or an alien on your Sackboy next week

What’s the most pointless Thanksgiving artifact that you could adorn a Sackboy with? How about a turkey? According to Siliconera, next Thursday’s free downloadable costume consists of a turkey that can be placed on Sackboy’s head. We’re not sure if its cooked, but the idea of entrails spilling into the lovely little avatar’s eyes is worth more than a giggle.

In addition to a turkey, it appears as though the paid option will be a fancy Chimera costume, modeled after the villains of Resistance: Fall of Man. You can’t see the bottom of the costume from the snagged image, but something tells us it can’t get much better than the form-fitting jaws displayed already.

This isn’t an official North American announcement, but I’m pretty sure you can take this to the bank. The very colorful LocoRoco costumes and the T.V. hat at the top of the image were announced yesterday and are coming this Thursday for most audiences.

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