Put a tie on your Avatar, business clothing added

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What in the hell is a pencil skirt? I’ve worn my fair share of female clothing — don’t laugh, Dwayne Johnson has, too — and I’ve yet to come across anything remotely resembling a writing utensil. If I wasn’t so lazy, I guess I could go find out. Microsoft recently updated the Avatar clothing line with new business themed garb. And, yeah, pencil skirts are GO.

Here’s the full list of new (and free) stuff:


Blue Formal Shirt
Moleskin Pants
Waistcoat and Shirt
Suit and Tie


Pencil Skirt
Pinstripe Blazer
Twin Set

I haven’t changed my Avatar’s clothing since the improved dashboard debuted. I feel bad about that. Little DestructoidBrad is like a digital hobo that can’t panhandle.

[via Major Nelson]

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