Pull a kangaroos tooth in Majesco’s Zoo Hospital for the Nintendo DS

Trauma Center was great and all, but there was it was always missing one main ingredient — the ability to apply ointment to a panda.

Today, Majesco has announced the Torus Games developed Nintendo DS title, Zoo Hospital. Exactly what it sounds like, players take on the role of a zoo veterinarian, diagnosing and treating over 40 different species of birds, mammals, and reptiles.

Players start off with ten wild animals including the jaguar, a chimp, a panda, the near-extinct fossa, and the king of the jungle, the lion. Just like humans, these poor little animals get boo-boos or their angina acts up from time to time. As the resident vet, players will utilize the DS touch screen to bandage appendages, pull teeth, and x-ray organs. The game also features a two-player cooperative mode so you and your friends can touch hyenas together, promising to fullfill some gamers’ wildest dreams.

Ken Gold, Majesco’s vice president of marketing, thinks Zoo Tycoon is an excellent tool for wannabe vets.

“Zoo Hospital is a fun and compelling combination of touch screen medical mini-games with a wide variety of exotic and endangered species,” he says. “Budding vets and animal lovers will gain exposure to different animals while learning how to soothe and care for them via real veterinary techniques.”

Note to self: if I take my cat in for a check-up and there’s a Nintendo DS on his or her desk, but diplomas and certifications are suspiciously absent … RUN.

Nick Chester