Publishers think Swery’s next game idea is ‘perverted’

It sounds amazing

I’d be perfectly content with a conclusion to Dark Dreams Don’t Die, but Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro’s idea for a new game sounds bizarre, original, and worth exploring. Here’s how he described it in an interview with GameCentral: “a story about a high school girl detective who uses the imagination (fantasizing) energy from masturbating to help her solve murders.”

Unsurprisingly, publishers haven’t been receptive. The typical response? “There’s no way we could put out such a perverted game!” If Swery won’t say it, I will: #ThanksObama.

The director was also asked about a possible return to Greenvale. One day, perhaps. “Deadly Premonition is always on my mind,” he said. “But I have no idea what form it’ll take, when it’ll appear, who I’ll work on it with, or how I’ll present it. The only answers are in the coffee.”

D4 on PC interview – SWERY talks PC gaming and Deadly Premonition [GameCentral]

Jordan Devore
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