Publishers get all wet over PS3 Euro launch announcement

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When Sony announced that the PlayStation 3 would launch in Europe on March 23 with 1 million units, it seems that some major publishers finally came out and actually *gasp* put their full support behind the console (good news? huh?). Just listen to all this PS3 love from the people that matter:


Adam Roberts, MD for Vivendi Northern Europe, told, “Confirmation of the European release date for the PlayStation 3 is excellent news for the industry as a whole.” … “We’re equally enthusiastic about the prospects this new platform will bring to the UK market in the future.”

Square Enix:

Square Enix CEO John Yamamoto confirmed that company has two Final Fantasy games in development for PS3, observing that the series has been highly successful on Sony platforms in the past.

“We are developing Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII using the full power of the PlayStation 3 and hope to make them the best games we have ever released,” he said, adding, “We expect the PlayStation 3 to sell very well in the UK, Europe and other PAL territories.”


Meanwhile, Ubisoft UK managing director Rob Cooper welcomed confirmation of a March launch date for PS3, stating, “We are looking forward to fully exploiting the PS3’s technological advances to deliver ever more immersive and creative gaming experiences to our fans.

“It’s now our job to offer games that explore the new creative landscapes the PS3 has opened to us.”


“The release of PlayStation 3 will see a number of exciting projects over the coming months, including the highly anticipated MGS4, and Konami’s commitment to creating exciting games for PlayStation 3 is as strong as it is for the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii systems.”


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