Publisher to give 10,000 copies of Chrome: Specforce to soldiers

TopWare Interactive, publisher of a wide variety of budget titles, has announced today that they will be donating over 10,000 copies of Chrome: Specforce to various branches of the US armed services. Back in my grandfather’s day, they used to get free cigarettes. That’s progress, people.

Of course, it would be nice if the soldiers were getting something of a bit higher caliber. Sending a huge quanitity of a three year-old FPS to the troops makes the cynic in me think, “warehouse clearance.” It could be worse, though. TopWare also published Two Worlds. Shipping that in a care package might have been a violation of the Geneva Convention.

All kidding aside, it’s a great gesture and one that I’m sure will be appreciated by the men and women who can spend a little time entertained instead of worrying about IEDs and being shot at. It does make me wonder why we don’t hear more about the big boys of game publishing sending off some of their wares too. What gives, guys?

Press release follows the jump.

Rohnert Park, CA – September 19th 2008 – Topware Interactive today announced the donation of over 10,000 units of its sci-fi futuristic shooter software title Chrome Specforce to the various branches of the United States armed services in its ongoing effort to play an active role in the support of US troops, both at home and abroad.

“It is our distinct pleasure to support the armed services of our country in any small way that we can” said James Seaman, Managing Director at Topware Interactive. “As a father of an army reservist – I truly understand the level of service and sacrifice that these men and women take on in order to protect and serve our great nation.”

With the help of Debbie Skolnik, the Family Assistance Network Coordinator for Operation Ready Families, TopWare has in recent months been able to provide a variety of its products to the troops directly, as well as those organizations whose mission it is to support them. While servicemen SFC James Vincent (223rd MI), SGT Daniel Caddy (235th EN), LT Commander Wayne Seamans (Coast Guard Station, Two Rock), & SFC David Chapman (2632nd TC) have assisted in the distribution of the games to the soldiers at home, organizations including the M.O.M.S. (Mothers of Military Servicemembers) & OCC (Operation Care & Comfort) have been ensuring that those men & women serving abroad obtain copies as well by including them in their soldier care packages, which are in turn dispersed to military installations across the globe.

TopWare intends to continue to advocate their support of active servicemen & women worldwide through their ongoing contributions of entertainment media. For the latest up-to-date new on Topware Interactive visit

About TopWare
TopWare Interactive is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company publishes interactive consumer software products in North America and is establishing a vast portfolio from budget to console.

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