PUBG’s snowy Vikendi map is now live on PS4 and Xbox One

Icy you

All PUBG players can now frolic in a winter wonderland. Although, they’ll probably more interested in murdering than frolicking.

PUBG‘s fourth battle royale map, Vikendi, is now live on consoles. Vikendi is a snow-covered 6×6 kilometer area that is oppressively dangerous for the careless player. Its white backdrops force an emphasis on stealth, and the snowy footprints make it a tracker’s dream. The elements certainly leave this map feeling more involved than just another PUBG playground.

PUBG Corp wasted little time getting Vikendi onto PS4 and Xbox One. The map just launched on the PC version of PUBG last month. In the past, large stretches would lapse between a map releasing on PC and then on consoles. All platforms are coming closer together now, meaning we can probably expect consoles to be right on the heels of PC from now on.

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