PUBG Corp’s next game isn’t a shooter

Actually, it isn’t PUBG at all

It’d be an easy mistake to assume that the next game from PUBG Corp, simply titled Prologue, was a prologue to PUBG. That’s the obvious connection to draw. This developer’s identity is so entrenched in its one product that it renamed itself from Bluehole to PUBG Corp. Adding creedence to that idea, PUBG Corp has recently said it’s working on a story-driven game in within the PUBG universe.

However, Prologue is something else entirely. It’s not a battle royale, it’s not a shooter, and it’s not PUBG. In an interview with Forbes, PUBG creator Brendan Greene explained that Prologue is actually the first project from PlayerUnknown Productions, a new studio that was founded under the umbrella of PUBG Corp. The idea is to come up with games that capture the PUBG spirit, which can maybe be best described as isolated and tense conflicts within much grander macro-level conflicts.

That being said, the title Prologue supposedly doesn’t refer to the beginning of a story. Instead, it points to the studio’s prologue. This is Greene and team’s chance to create new game experiences and technology that will inform the future of PUBG — both as a battle royale and beyond. 

Which brings us back to the trailer. How does all this — these heady ideas and canonical universes and talk about creating new experiences — translate to a trailer that’s more Blair Witch than PUBG? We’re not supposed to know. Prologue is the start of something new and that comes shrouded in mystery. At least the “Unknown” part carries over.

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