Psychonauts 2 has reached its funding goal

Cleanly bisected funding

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Double Fine’s Fig-funded Psychonauts 2 has reached its funding goal of $3.3 million with five days to spare. Fig is of course the new kid on the crowdfunding block with a system that allows for both regular Kickstarter-style backing from contributors and for larger investment backing that will result in a financial return (assuming the game is a success). Interestingly enough, the funds raised for Psychonauts 2 came almost equally from both types of backing — $1.69 million in investments, and $1.60 million from backers. Neat.

There has been a bit of skepticism about Fig’s system since it was introduced, but it seems to be catching on. It will be interesting to see how the game does long-term and if investors in the project see a significant return on their money. Me? I’m just kind of hoping that the success of this campaign with encourage them to try for a Brutal Legend 2 campaign. Stupid metal jokes are something I’m always ready to invest in.

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