Psychonauts 2 campaign closes with $3.8M in funding

Psycho killer, run run away

Double Fine took to new crowdfunding/investment platform Fig for the development of a sequel to the beloved Psychonauts. The project reached its funding goal of $3.3 million five days before the close of the campaign before closing out today with a total of $3,829,024 raised.

Roughly half of that figure comes from regular “backers” giving money ($1,954,524) to the project for rewards (including a copy of the game at release) like traditional crowdfunding platforms (Kickstarter), while the other half ($1,874,500) comes from “investors.” Fig allows people to invest in projects with the possibility of making money back on the investment.

Tim Schafer loosed a whole bunch of Psychonauts 2 plot earlier, if you want a more specific idea of what to expect. In the mean time — it takes a few years to develop games — the original Psychonauts will be coming to PS4 soon (or just nab it on Steam).

Steven Hansen