Psychological stand-off SpyParty finally arrives on Steam Early Access next week

Almost took longer to make than SPECTRE takes to watch

Y’all remember SpyParty? The indie multiplayer title was first announced way back in 2009, and developed by St. Louis resident Chris Hecker? Well, nearly ten years later, the game is ready to land in Steam Early Access. Fashionably late, I guess.

For those unaware, SpyParty is a game of player psychology and keen observation skills. One player takes control of an agent who has infiltrated a gathering, while another player is a sniper, perched on high with a single bullet, tasked to take the intruder down. However, the sniper does not know the identity of the assassin, milling among the crowd.

Thus, it is a game of cat and mouse, as the spy must complete a series of objectives within an allotted time, without the sniper getting a bead on them and taking them out. The spy must, essentially, accurately portray computer-controlled A.I to fool the sniper, while the sniper must use precise observation to spot anything out of place, or suspicious behaviour.

I think it’s a fascinating but fun concept for a title, and the game has a cool and classy art-deco aesthetic, which captures the whodunnit vibe of the whole affair. After years of development, SpyParty will enter Steam Early Access on April 12, so oil up that trigger finger and remember: Trust no-one

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