PSPgo ships with built-in ESRB ratings

The PSPgo might be seen by some as a rather useless, unnecessary, expensive little addition to the PlayStation Portable family, but there’s no denying it has some rather neat little features, even if those features aren’t entirely must-have items. One of those neat features is the recently revealed in-built ESRB ratings, allowing parents access to rating information wherever they go.

Parents who aren’t stupid should know the ESRB ratings anyway, but parents who are only slightly stupid will now be able to check for appropriate games on their child’s PSPgo. Of course, parents who are just completely moronic won’t know, or care, that this app is on the machine, and will just allow kids to download violent content before pretending that the videogame industry isn’t doing enough to protect their children. 

So yeah, this probably won’t find its way into the hands of those that need it, but it’s still a cool little feature.

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