PSP sales plummet like lead balloon in US

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The PlayStation Portable might be doing well in Japan, but the same cannot be said in the United States. The system’s sales have dropped off a metaphorical cliff in the US, with sales down 58% from last year. This includes both the PSP-3000 and the rubbish PSPgo. 

100,000 PSP units were sold this January, according to the latest NPD data. Compare that to 2009, when Sony shifted 172,000 of both units, and we’re looking at a 58% sales drop. I guess the American market just wasn’t ready for an innovative new PSP that forced high game prices, dropped functionality, and couldn’t even improve the system’s outdated Wi-Fi connectivity despite marketing itself as a digital platform. 

Oh well. Maybe this year’s inevitable PSP rehash will improve things. 

PSP sales continue to crater in the US [Pocket Gamer]

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